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Simple ways for hiring a call girl

Thanks to the internet, getting a call girl-in-waiting has become easier than ever. You can find all kinds of women online that specialize in fulfilling all kinds of sexual fantasies. However, getting a call girl, especially one that is good, is quite difficult and can even be dangerous. You will need to learn the vocabulary they use in this business and manage your money properly. Fortunately, it is very easy to learn how to find and select a lady who is within your budget.

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Find a Companion or call girl in the city

Look for a directory of call girl online. These directories contain all sorts of ads to choose from. To find out if a directory is good, check if the call girls show their ads monthly. Avoid directories such as “Backpage.com”, where ladies send their ads daily. The daily advertisements are obtained for a very cheap price and, therefore, they are used by ladies or call girls of low category.

Look for an independent call girl or company of prostitutes. It is more advisable to contact an agency, because you can expect better quality of their services. When you find an agency that you like, the receptionist can give you some suggestions according to your preferences. The bad thing about the call girl escort agencies is that they are more expensive, since they charge an extra fee to use their services, which is included in the price of the companion.

Restrict your options according to the type of company you want. Some categories of call girl to take into account are age, hair color, complexion, height, size of breasts, if they are VIP, etc. This is also the time to decide if you just want a short meeting, a date or a one night relationship with that call girl.

Decide how much money you will spend. Take into account that cheap is expensive. If you only have $ 100 to 200 (or the equivalent in your country) as a budget, you should save more money. Then, click on the advertisement of the call girl of your choice and scroll down with the cursor until you find the price. If your services are too expensive, then do not waste time reading the rest of your ad.

Do not try to bargain with a lady. If your ad does not show a price, it is very likely that the call girl is expensive.

When you have found a call girl who likes you and is within your budget, be sure to check that she does not overcharge you or ask for “tips” when you get to the meeting.

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Be sure to verify that the lady or call girl is actually the one you see in your photo. Ladies who use fake photos will never tell you if they do and many of them cover their face with Photoshop. However, many true ladies also cover their faces for privacy reasons. In other cases, there will be customers who will leave comments on the girl’s ads and check if she is really the one in the photo.

Use an image search page to see if the girl did not take photos from a website with professional models (such as Playboy) or a porn site.

Find your name of call girl on Google. So you can see how long you have worked in the dating business and how famous you are with your clients. If you’ve only been a lady or call girl for a few weeks or months, then you’re risking it. Look for your phone number and email on Google to find out if it really exists and your business is legitimate.

There are many websites that qualify the ladies according to their appearance, personality and willingness to try new things. Among the best pages of this type are TheEroticReview.com and TopKitten.com.

Contact her discreetly to plan the meeting with that call girl. When you have chosen a  good call girl , make sure you have an idea of ​​what you are going to do with her during your meeting. If you talk about your services over the phone, make sure you know the correct keywords for the service you want.

Take into account that if you are rude to her, it is very likely that you hang up the phone and ignore your calls. You should also take into account that you can end up talking to your “manager” over the phone and not the girl you will be leaving.

Find out where you want them to be. A cheap hotel in a dangerous neighborhood is not a good place. Also, make sure the parking lot is not visible from the street, especially if it is near your home or office.

Go to a meeting with a call girl

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Be careful when you get to the place. When you arrive, pay close attention to your surroundings. If you see something suspicious (people walking, cleaning or doing maintenance, watching you) or have a bad feeling, get out of there. Remember that most hotels do the cleaning early in the morning and maintenance is usually not done overnight. Be smart and take care.

Take your wallet out of your pocket and hide it in your car. Do it before you get to the meeting place, because you will not want someone suspicious to see you. Just carry your cell phone, keys and cash with you. If you have a separate wallet, take it with you. You never know if the girl can fool you and try to steal your belongings.

Show the money to the call girl. When they are, show that you have the amount of money agreed and place it on a visible table. This money is to compensate you for your time (not for illegal services). Do not try to pay for sexual services with money; That is illegal.

Verify that the  call girl of company is of legal age. Ask if you are at least 18 years old and have the right credentials to legally practice this business. If you do not answer yes to both questions then you are breaking the law. The girl can be a police officer or part of a trafficking network.

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Make up if she asks you to. Some call girls in the company will ask you to wash your hands or take a shower. Since she can get away with your money while you shower, you can tell her that you already did it (and it is advisable that you do it, both before and after the meeting). It is less likely that a professional call girl escapes with your money, so take this into account when you choose an inexperienced lady or comments in your ads. You can take the money to the bathroom, but she can take offense. However, take your wallet, cell phone and keys with you to the bathroom

Be comfortable. When you see your “contribution” and know that you are a serious person, you will not have problems undressing in your presence, which is a legal activity. However, the laws in your country may be different. Make sure you know beforehand about the laws on companions and sexual activities in your country.

Use the ladies or call girls’ vocabulary when they talk. The call girls of the company are very careful when talking about money, sex, exits, etc. They will use words like “contributions” or “a bride experience”. Make sure you use these words when you talk. Never ask him to have sex directly. It uses terms like “comfortable bridge” or “to be known”.

Immediately leave the place when the meeting is over. This is very important, because you will not want the  call girl to steal your things while you sleep. It is also recommended that you

Go to your house and stations your car in another place, so that nobody notices. Remember to go before or after the girl leaves. They should not go together.


When you get to the meeting place, take only the exact amount of money.

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She always calls the call girl by her professional name. Do not use terms like “baby” or “my love”.

Talk to the call girl of the company before the meeting. You can chat with her online and get to know her a little. Ask her what she does and for what price.

Check the room. Ladies sometimes have people under the bed to look in your pockets while you have fun. Showers in the bathrooms are also the thieves’ favorite hiding places.

If someone tries to steal you, stay calm. Most of the time thieves only want money so give them and do what they tell you.


Check the age of the call girl. You may be applying for the services of a minor, which is a crime.

Always be careful if you see anything suspicious. You will not want to fall into a covert police operation.

It is advisable not to request sexual activity from a call girl, because prostitution is illegal in many places and you would be breaking the law.

How escorts become professional in their work

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Later on you will discover how to be an escort, what it takes to be an escort and how to do certain things if you are an escort. Being an escort is not an easy job. As in all works, it has its points in favor and its points against. The truth is that it is a race of very personal character that can be something very good sometimes and very bad in others. It takes a woman or a very strong man to become an escort or stay as an escort for years. You will discover the truth behind becoming an escort. You will also get a good number of tips and recommendations to help you on this trip.

Think wisely. Next we leave you with 6 questions that you can ask yourself even before you start reading this.

Am I ready to commit to being an escort?

Do I enjoy the idea of ​​being the company of other men or other women and receiving money in return?

Will I tell my family and friends? Am I ready for your reaction?

Can I handle the emotional effects of being an escort?

Am I going to enter this world for money or for fun?

Decide why you want to become an escort. There are TV shows that show these men and women making lots of money for doing something they love to do and they have no problem doing it. So, what are the benefits?

You may feel sexy.

They pay you to pamper you.

You choose the hours you work.

You can meet men or women and have nothing to tie you to them.

They will pay you enough money.

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Learn the rules and guidelines. When you become an escort, the rules about staying safe and keeping yourself confident in what you have decided to do are really important. Now you can find a selection of rules and guidelines that can help you when you start working.

Safety is very important for your body as well as for yourself. Make sure you keep your body safe and healthy too.

They should never give you the money directly. The money for the services is usually considered as a “donation” and should be placed somewhere discreet in the hotel room.

Saying no to something is fine. You must be prepared for the child to be upset or disappointed when you say no, but stand firm in your response. It was okay to say it, it’s you who decides what you want to do and what not.

Enjoy the person you are with. You should not feel that you are cheating or betraying the man (or woman) you want because you spent an innovative time with your client.

Have the right personality. Being an escort is not for most people, since most people want relationships of love or commitment. It is important that you be able to divide your personal needs from your professional realities.

Decide what your limitations will be in establishing relationships, for example, if you are going to let them kiss you, if you are going to have sex, etc.

Look deeply into yourself and be honest with yourself as to your ability to handle this type of work.

A role like this is best suited for a strong person

A role like this is best suited for a strong person who wants independence and distance from others, yet is able to communicate well and understand the needs of others.

Investigate the different escort agencies. Find reputable agencies that are well-directed and can demonstrate that they put the needs of their employees before and take good care of you.

Check your security measures.

Also Check how they investigate their customers.

Check the money you earn.

Check if you feel comfortable with them or not. This is a business of people, and therefore you should feel comfortable with the people you are working for, as well as with the customers.

If you choose to do this independently, you must assume that it will be harder and possibly more dangerous.

Ask the agency to let you know about basic safety measures, customer satisfaction, and protection against sexually transmitted diseases.

Be sure to “investigate” your customer and check their information on any available customer blacklist.

You must know what to do if a customer becomes violent or asks you to do things you do not want to do.

And You should know how to ask for and make sure that protection is used.

You should know the label of not arguing about your customers with other customers or with anyone else. Also, do not try to pry into the privacy of your customers.

Learn to be patient and not steal customers from anyone else.

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